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Pairs: 12 currency pairs


Price: 349 USD

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Forex Kinetics is an advanced Forex Expert Advisor (Automated trading system) like no other. It can be used for manual and fully automated trade execution and is packed to the brim with the latest state of the art trading technology. It’s new and unique user interface makes the system easy to use and suitable for new and professional traders as well.

It's core logic uses advanced kinetics candle technology which has been developed by our team and is not available in any other Forex Expert Advisor. Instant of using close prices of standard time frames the technology recalculate price action every single second for the chosen period.

As result, Forex Kinetics is capable of analyzing market price movements with at least 60 times higher accuracy then it is possible with generic standard candles. It can be used for short term trading (trend and counter trend), scalping and classical price action trading as well.

Read on to learn how Forex Kinetics can help you to make constant profits.


Graphical, intuitive user interface

Can be used on twelve currency pairs

Trend and counter trend trading mode

Auto Adaptive technology included

Built in trading session indicator

Built in world clocks and audio alerts

Built in advanced money management

Broker independent – All MT 4 platforms supported

Quick installer – Installed and ready to use within minute

Free build updates for life


Generates profits regardless of market conditions

Can be used for fully automated and manual trading

Easy to use because of its unique graphical user interface

Can be used on twelve currency pairs

Can be used for trend and counter trend trading

All settings can be individually adjusted

Advanced protection filters keeping your equity safe

Can be used on any chart, except M1 chart

Full support through e-mail and our forum

Responsive interface


Price: 349 USD

BUY Here !

Official Website